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Multi-Platinum & 2x Grammy Winning

Bassist | Songwriter | Composer


Since 2009, Isaac Wriston has been touring and recording bass for top producers and artists around the world. Past a current clients include organizations like American Idol, Warner-Discovery, The Olympics, and artists and producers like Cardiak, Dylan Graham, Micah Wilshire, H.E.R., Jazmine Sullivan, Muni Long, and Jimmie Allen.


While growing up in the early 90s, Isaac’s parents were both immersed with both live and in studio performances. Both his mother and father came from musical families, specifically southern gospel. His mother, who cut her first single at the age of 6, and his father, an in demand audio engineer, Isaac was able to see and hear music as if it were the family business. Most family gatherings were spent discussing remodeling tour busses, album cycles, different pastors and churches in the tri-state area, to what the trends were in and around southern gospel. With his mother touring to different churches and events, Isaac was able to witness how to constantly be ready for anything that can, and eventually will happen. Whenever his mother would perform, she would also be playing piano and more often than not, lead a full band through a song they were hearing for the first time. With local session musicians mentoring like Tim Coll, Ron Oxley, and Jeremy McCutcheon, Isaac learned how to treat a composition with respect and how to treat every performance as "live to tape".


After developing his craft in high school, Isaac was provided a full tuition scholarship from both Alderson-Broaddus University and the University of Memphis performing in the ensembles The West Virginians and SoundFuzion, respectively. While living between Memphis and Montgomery, Alabama, Isaac started traveling from Montgomery to Nashville, Tennessee every weekend to rehearse and perform. By 2011, he had begun playing bass for then ex American Idol contestant, Jimmie Allen. While still working with Jimmie, Isaac toured with other artists like Jana Kramer, Chase Bryant, and Cassio Monroe serving as both their bassist, and music director. 


Being know for being able to find and hire a full band with a horn section, programming backing tracks, and even creating t-shirt designs and websites, Isaac hustled his way in Nashville securing a marketing position with defunct Warner indie label, HitShop Records. While there Isaac collaborated with the labels roster helping with content, album pre and post-production, routing, and merchandising.


Today Isaac is a 2 time Grammy Winner as well as a Grammy Nominated Songwriter with his credits achieving over 1 billion streams and is the first call for producers like Cardiak, Dylan Graham, UglyFace, MegaRan, as well as independent production teams responsible for music on Netflix, Warner-Discovery, NBC Universal, and the The Olympics.


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